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LEDs bright enough for spotlight duty

Feb. 14, 2011
LEDs good enough for spotlights boast an industry-high luminous efficacy.

Sharp Corp. says it has developed a high-output, high-color-rendering 25-W-class LED boasting an industry high luminous efficacy of 91 lm/W. The intended application for the new devices is in light sources as used for store spotlights.

Sharp says these 25W-class devices get their low energy consumption through the adoption of LED chips and phosphor which both exhibit good high-temperature properties. They provide a high 2,370-lm luminous flux. In addition, the devices have a high color rendering index, Ra of 83. The closer Ra is to 100, the lower the color distortion, which means they faithfully reproduce the colors of objects they illuminate. Furthermore, the LED emitting area has been made circular to make designing lighting instruments easy.

Sharp will also introduce a 15W-class lineup with similar properties. Sharp says it will go into production with these devices the first week in March and expects to produce about 100,000/month.

A basic data sheet for the news devices can be found here: http://sharp-world.com/corporate/news/110209.html

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