Where to go for Zhaga testing

March 9, 2012
UL will now test LED light engines for how well the adhere to specifications defined by the Zhaga consortium.

It's official. You can go to Underwriter's Laboratories to get a Zhaga LED module certified as to compliance with that standard's specified dimensions, photometric dictates, and other parameters.

UL says it will offer its testing service a la carte or bundled with other UL lighting industry services such as Energy Star, performance testing and safety certification.

Zhaga covers standards for the interchangeability of LED light engines. An LED light engine is the combination of an LED module and the associated driver. Zhaga specifications standardize interfaces so that Zhaga modules made by different vendors will be interchangeable.

So far, Zhaga specs cover just physical dimensions, the photometric, electrical and thermal behavior of LED light engines. Eventually, they'll cover dimming functions.They don't cover the LED technology inside the light engine.

The Zhaga consortium has specified specs for several types of modules that include socketable downlight engines with integrated drivers (Book 2), spot light engines with separate control drivers (Book 3), and compact socketable engines with integrated drivers (Book 6). There's also a general specification which covers common information about light engine interfaces.

More info: http://www.ul.com/global/eng/pages/offerings/industries/lighting/

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