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Dimmable LED Retrofit Kits Replace Existing Recessed Ceiling Downlights

Aug. 25, 2015
LEDtronics Inc. recently announced its latest series of UL-Listed, dimmable, chip-on-board (COB) LED Recessed Ceiling Downlight Retrofit Kits.

LEDtronics Inc. recently announced its latest series of UL-Listed, dimmable, chip-on-board (COB) LED Recessed Ceiling Downlight Retrofit Kits. They directly replace 100 to 250-watt old-technology CFL, halogen, and metal-halide downlights while using only 21, 25, 41 or 42 watts-a reduction of energy consumption of up to 75 percent. The new Downlight Kits come in various sizes and Kelvin temperatures, able to be retrofitted into existing 4, 6, 7 and 8-inch housings/trims, each available in a choice of Warm White (3000K), Natural White (4000K) or Pure White (5000K).

These kits are suited for a wide variety of indoor applications, such as ceiling installations for general ambient lighting in offices, commercial spaces and public facilities, retail store lighting, museums, galleries, showrooms, hotels, hospitality areas, hospitals, clinics, workrooms, as well as corridors, lobbies and stairways.

This RDL36 series of Retrofit Kits operate on a wide voltage range of 100-277VAC, providing a medium beam of 40 degrees and a color rendering index surpassing 83. The lights have 0-10V dimmability and luminosity ranging from 1145 lumens (4 inch, 20W, 3000K) to 3515 lumens (8 inch, 42W, 5000K).

This series of solid-state, seismically-restrained downlights are easily installed using the hardware included in each retrofit kit. They are constructed with aluminum-alloy heatsink and housing, and have a wide operating temperature range of about 14°F to 113°F. Since they create much less heat compared to halogen or metal halide lights, they reduce air conditioning demands in interior installations.

These ROHS-compliant, UL-Listed LED downlights contain no harmful gases or toxic elements like mercury. Since these lights are much more energy efficient than older downlight systems, they are perfect for operating with an alternative or renewable energy resource such as solar or wind power in either cold or warm environments.

The LEDtronics RDL36 series of LED Recessed Ceiling Downlight Retrofit Kits come with a 5-year LEDtronics warranty. The series is available through LEDtronics distributors, and quantity discounts are available to qualified distributors. 

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