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Power Electronics Online Buying Guide: Passive Components

Dec. 30, 2013
Power Electronics presents its annual guide to suppliers of capacitors, resistors, and magnetics, categorized by company and type.
Company City, State (Country) URL Types
AFP Transformers, LLC  Edison,  NJ  http://www.afptransformers.com  Mag
API Delevan  East Aurora, NY  http://delevan.com  Mag
AVX  Greenville, SC  http://www.avx.com  Cap
Abracon  Corp.  Rancho Santa Margarita,  CA  http://www.abracon.com  Mag
Aeroflex  Plainview, NY  http://www.aeroflex.com  Res
Alpha-Core Div.  Shelton, CT  http://www.alphacoredirect.com  Mag
American Technical Ceramics  Huntington Station, NY  http://www.atceramics.com  Res
BI Technologies (TT Electronics)  Fullerton,  CA  http://www.ttelectronics.com  Res
Bourns  Riverside,  CA  http://www.bourns.com  Res
Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc.  Shelton,  CA  www.bridgeportmagnetics.com  Mag
CTS Corp.  Elkhart,  IN  http://www.ctscorp.com  Res
Caddock  Riverside,  CA  http://www.caddock.com  Res
Cellergy  Migdal Haemek, China  http://www.cellergycap.com  Ultra-Cap
Coil Master Electronics Co., Ltd.  Chung Li City, China  http://www.coilmaster.com.tw  Mag
Coilcraft  Cary, IL  http://www.coilcraft-cps.com  Mag
Component General Inc.  Odessa, FL  http://www.componentgeneral.com  Res
Datatronic Distribution  Menifee,  CA  http://www.datatronics.com  Mag
Dearborn Electronics  Longwood,  FL  http://www.dearbornelectronics.com  Cap
Dexter Magnetic Technologies  Elk Grove Village,  IL  http://www.dextermag.com  Mag
E Craftsmen Corp.  Waterloo,  ON  http://www.ecraftsmen.rtk.com  Mag
EBG  Middletown, PA  http://www.ebgusa.com  HV Res
EMC Technology  Stuart,  FL  http://www.emc-rflabs.com  Res
Electro Technik Industries  Clearwater,  FL  http://www.electrotechnik.com  Res
Electrocube  Pomona,  CA  http://www.electrocube.com  Cap
Electronic Concepts  Eatontown,  NJ  http://www.ecicaps.com  Cap
Elna Maggnetics  Saugerties, NY  http://www.elnamagnetics.com  Mag
Foster Transformer  Cincinnati, OH  http://www.foster-transformer.com  Mag
Frontier Electronics Corp.  Simi Valley,  CA  http://www.frontierusa.com  Mag
GB International  Endicott,  NY  http://www.gbint.com  Mag
Gowanda Electronics  Gowanda,  NY  http://www.gowanda,com  Mag
HVR Advanced Power Components, Inc.  Cheektowaga,  NY  http://www.hvrapc.com  Res
Haimen Sancon Electronics Co., Ltd.  Nantong,  China  http://www.sancon.gmc.globalmarket.com  Cap
Hammond Power Solutions, Inc.  Baraboo,  WI  http://www.hammondpowersolutions.com  Mag
Hitachi AIC Inc.  Tokyo,    China  http://www.hitachi-aic.com  Cap
Holystone Capacitors Murietta,  CA  http//www.holystonecaps.com  Cap
ICE Components, Inc.  Marietta,  GA  http://www.icecomponents.com  Mag
IRC (TT Electronics)  Corpus Christi, TX  http://www.irctt.com  Res
ITW Paktron  Lynchburg,  VA  http://www.paktron.com  Cap
Illinois Capacitor, Inc.  Lincolnwood,  VA  http://www.illcap.com  Cap
Inductor Supply Inc.  Huntington Beach,  CA  http://www.inductorsupply.com  Mag
Innovative Power, Inc.  Romoland,  CA  http://www.ipimagnetics.com  Mag
International Manufacturing Services (IMS) Portsmouth,  RI  http://www.ims-resistors.com  Res
Ioxus, Inc.  Oneonta,  NY  http://www.ioxus.com  Ultra-Cap
Isotek Corp.  Swansea,  MA  http://www.isotekcorp.com  Res
Johanson Dielectrics  Sylmar,  CA  http://www.johansondielectrics.com  Cap
Johnson Electric Coil Co.  Antigo,  WI  http://www.johnsoncoil.com  Mag
KOA Speer Electronics, Inc.  Bradford,  PA  http://www.KOASpeer.com  Res
Kamaya  Fort Wayne,  IN  http://www.kamaya.com  Res
Kanthal Globar  Amherst,  IN  http://www.globar.com  Cap,  Res, Ultra-Cap
Kemet  Greenville,  NC  http://www.kemet.com  Cap
Kyocera  Kyoto,     Japan  http://www.globalkyocera.com  Cap
Lenco McHenry,  IL  http://www.lenco-electric.com  Mag
MH&W International Corp.  Mahwah, NJ  http://www.mhw-intl.com  Mag
MPS Gardena,  CA  http://www.mpsind.com  Mag
Mag Layers USA, Inc.  Irvine ,CA  http://www.maglayersusa.com  Mag
Magnetic Specialties Telford, PA  http://www.magspecinc.com  Mag
Maxwell Technologies Inc.  San Diego,  CA  http://www.maxwell.com  Ultra-Cap
Meritek Electronics Corp.  Santa Fe Springs,CA  http://www.meritekusa.com  Cap,  Res
Micro-Ohm Corp.  Duarte  CA  http://www.micro-ohm.com  Res
Microprecision Electronics SA  Vouvry, Switzerland  http://www.microprecision.ch  Res
Mina Inc.  Providence,  RI  http://www.minamag.com  Mag
Murata Electronics North America  Smyrna, GA  http://www.murata-northamerica.com  Cap
NIC Components  Melville,  NY  http://www.niccomp.com  Cap, Res
Novotechnik U.S.  Southborough,  MA  http://www.novotechnik.com  Res
Ohmcraft  Honeoye, NY  http://www.ohmcraft.com  Res
Ohmite Mfg. Co.  Arlington Heights,  IL  http://www.ohmite.com  Res
Pacific Resistor Co.  Tarzana,  CA  http://www.pacificresistor.com  Res
Payton Planar Magnetics  Deerfield Beach,  FL  http://www.paytongroup  Mag
Precision Resistive Products, Inc.  Mediapolis,  IA  http://www.prpinc.com  Res
Precision Resistor Co., Inc.  Largo,  FL  http://www.precisionresistor.com  Res
Precision, Inc.  Minneapolis,  MN  http://www.precision-inc.com  Mag
Prem Magnetics, Inc.  Johnsburg,  IL  http://www.premmag.com  Mag
Premo  Malaga, Spain  http://www.grupopremo.com  Mag
Presidio Components Inc.  San Diego, CA  http://www.presidiocomponents.com  Cap
Pulse Electronics Corporation  San Diego, CA  http://www.pulselectronics.com  Mag
RARA Electronics Corp.  Incheon,    Spain  http://www.raraohm.com  Res
RCD Components  Manchester,  NH  http://www.rcd-comp.com  Cap, Res
Renco Electronics  Rockledge,  FL  http://www.rencousa.com  Mag
Riedon  Alhambra, CA  http://www.riedon.com  Res
SBElectronics, Inc.  Barre,  VT  http://www.sbelectronics.com  Cap
Schott Magnetics  San Diego,  CA  http://www.schottcorp.com  Mag
Signal Transformer Inc.  Inwood, NY  http://www.signaltransformer.com  Mag
Stackpole Electronics Inc.  Raleigh,  NC  http://www.seielect.com  Res
State of the Art, Inc.  State College,  PA  http://www.resistor.com  Res
TDK-EPS Corporation  Irving,  TX  http://www.tdktca.com  Cap
TT electronics plc  Bedlington,  UK  http://www.ttelectronics.com  Res
Tecate Industries  San Diego,  CA  http://www.tecategroup.com  Cap,  Ultra-Cap
Thin Film Technology Corp.  N. Mankato,  MN  http://www.thin-film.com  Res
Thunder Components Ltd.  New Taipei City,    Taiwan  http://www.thunderco.com.tw  Cap,  Res
Token Chuna Precision Power Corp.  Shenzhen,   Taiwan  http://www.tokenchina.com  Res
Torelco  Phillipsburg,  NJ  http://www.torelco.com  Mag
Transformer Manufacturer Inc.  Norridge. IL  http://www.tmitranformers.com  Mag
Triad Magnetics  Corona,  CA  http://www.triadmagnetics  Mag
United Chemi-Con Inc.  Rosemont,  IL  http://www.chemi-con.com  Cap
Vantran Transformers  Waco,  TX  http://www.vantean.com  Mag
Viking Tech Corp.  HsinChu Ind. Park,   Taiwan  http://www.viking.com.tw  Cap, Res
Vishay Intertechnology  Malvern,  PA  http://www.vishay.com  Cap,  Res
Vishay Precision Group, Inc.  Malvern,  PA  http://www.vishayvpg.com  Res
Welwyn (TT Electronics)  Weybridge, Surrey, UK  http://www.welwyn-tt.com  Res
Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc.  Watertown,  SD  http://www.we-online.com/midcom  Mag
Ywh Chau Electric Co.. LTd  Taipei-Hsien,    Taiwan  http://www.yeso.com  Res

Cap = Capacitors

Res = Resistors

Mag = Magnetics

Ultra-Cap = Ultra-Capacitors

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