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Current Transformers Offer Easy Mounting

May 5, 2014
WAGO Corporation introduces the newest addition to the power measurement product line - 855 Series Current Measurement products.

The 855 Series Current Measurement products from WAGO Corp. offer CAGE CLAMP® connection technology and quick mount kits for the primary conductor or bus bar. Available from 50 to 1,000 amps with 1 or 5 amp secondary currents, WAGO's new current transformers feature continuous overload of 120 percent of primary current. A unique wire tie accessory for securing the wire enables quick and easy installation. Flexible mounting options, including DIN-rail or panel mounting, are an added benefit of the 855 Series. The new current measurement products can be connected via WAGO's 2007 Series current transformer terminal blocks to the 750 Series I/O-System's 3-phase power measurement module. The 855 Series can also be used in conjunction with WAGO's JUMPFLEX® current signal conditioner. Applications include power measurement and energy monitoring.

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