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Tantalum SMD Capacitors Added to Low DLC Series

Sept. 29, 2015
AVX Corp. has added several new low-DCL and high-reliability SMD tantalum capacitors to its TMJ S1gma series.

AVX Corp. has added more than a dozen new high-reliability SMD tantalum capacitors to its TMJ S1 Series, which exhibits very low DCL and high reliability when compared to other commercial-grade tantalum capacitors currently on the market (0.005CV standard and 0.001CV on selected codes). In addition, it provides a low baseline part failure rate of < 0.5% per 1,000 hours at 85°C and rated voltage.

Available with three levels of next-generation statistical screening and process control enhancement for applications in which high reliability, extremely low DC leakage current (DCL), and extended battery life are important, the new TMJ S1gma Series capacitors are suitable for use in the advanced wireless systems employed in automotive, avionics, energy harvesting, and safety applications, as well as in a variety of high-end consumer and commercial applications that demand low power consumption and extended battery life.

Statistical screening for the TMJ S1gma SMD tantalum capacitor series is available in three levels: S1gma Prime, S1gma Premium, and S1gma Pro Custom. S1gma Prime uses three electrical screenings to remove maverick parts from the distribution; S1gma Premium utilizes AVX's patented Q-Process, in addition to the three S1gma Prime screenings, to effectively identify and remove any components that may experience excessive parametric shifts or instability in operation; and S1gma Pro Custom can employ any of the three S1gma Prime and Q-Process screening techniques to identify and remove parts according to customer's individual parameter limits.  However, the series 0.001CV limit (restricted to certain part numbers) can only be attained through S1gma Premium screening and S1gma Pro Custom screening that employs the Q-Process.

TMJ S1gma Series high-reliability SMD tantalum capacitors are currently available in six case sizes spanning 1206 to 2924, seven rated voltages spanning 6.3 - 50VDC, and with capacitance values spanning 0.22 - 680µF. AEC-Q200 qualified upon request, the series is rated for use in temperatures spanning -55°C to +125°C, and features a capacitance tolerance of ±10%. Packaged with either RoHS-compliant pure tin (Sn) plated terminations or non-RoHS tin/lead (Sn/Pb) plated terminations on 7" reels, lead time for the series is 8-12 weeks.

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