5G Waveform Validation

June 27, 2023
MathWorks’ Wireless Waveform Generator allows users to create, impair, and export modulated 5G waveforms.

This article is part of Microwaves & RF's IMS 2023 coverage.

Designing 5G systems is hard enough without having some idea of what your output waveforms should look like. MathWorks' 5G Toolbox can help get you a lot closer to understanding what your 5G design is really doing versus what it should be doing.

In this demo, Eric Wetjen, a product marketing manager at MathWorks, shows how the Wireless Waveform Generator app generates 5G NR test models (NR-TM) and NR uplink and downlink fixed-reference-channel (FRC) waveforms. For purposes of this demo, the 5G NR test model in 256QAM full-band mode is in effect.

The Wireless Waveform Generator app also allows users to configure various signal attributes, such as channel bandwidth and subcarrier spacing. Furthermore, it enables addition of impairments to the signal like phase noise or phase offset. Once you have your signal set up, it can be connected directly to test equipment like a spectrum analyzer using MathWorks' Instrument Control Toolbox. By looking at a live transmitted waveform, you can see the attenuation on the signal, its error vector magnitude, and other characteristics. When all is said and done, you'll have gained a great deal of insight into your design.

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