LynuxWorks teams up with MapuSoft

Dec. 19, 2005
Streamlined porting allows legacy embedded systems to exploit open standards’ benefits and achieve POSIX-Conformance.

LynuxWorks has partnered MapuSoft to provide embedded system developers with a streamlined migration path to its LynxOS RTOS. Through the combination of MapuSoft’s OS Changer and OS Abstractor, developers can port large amounts of legacy code from older operating systems to LynxOS, so they can leverage the benefits of an open standards-based, POSIX-conformant embedded operating system.

As the embedded market continues to evolve across numerous industries, including consumer electronics, industrial automation, military and aerospace and telecommunications markets, developers are migrating towards open standards-based solutions such as LynxOS. Open standards software enables developers to reduce development time to focus on other aspects of the design process by simplifying portability and software reuse.

By ensuring that all software is open standards-based, developers can ensure that hardware and software upgrades can be made easily to reduce cost, development time and support future improvement on other platforms. Open standards also deliver long-term cost savings because customers can protect their investment and avoid the high cost barriers and time-to-market penalties that normally occur with changing operating systems.

Raj Johnson, president and CEO of MapuSoft Technologies, commented, “Our OS Changer and OS Abstractor are designed to port existing code quickly and easily, without compromising the operating system”.

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