Wipro supports Linux-based mobile phone reference framework

Dec. 19, 2005
AQUA Linux solution for SH-Mobile reduces software development burden for mobile phone manufacturers.

Renesas Technology and Wipro Technologies have ported Wipro’s AQUA on to Renesas’ SH-Mobile Series application processors for 2.5G and 3G mobile phones. AQUA is a Linux based mobile phone reference framework that enables mobile phone manufacturers to use Linux solution for SH-Mobile, as well as Symbian OS and iTRON. Renesas Technology will propose Linux solution based on AQUA from January 2006.

AQUA is a reference framework designed to be compact for mobile phones, having rich applications. Customers who use the AQUA platform can reduce the burden of software development for mobile phones embedding SH-Mobile. Customers will also be provided with system integration services including Linux kernel and applications from Wipro.


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