Controller Bases Fan Speed On Air Velocity Readings

Sept. 25, 2009
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Controlling and modulating fan speed based on measurement of the real-time air velocity, the C-600 fan controller ensures that the linear air velocity determined during system design is present in the actual system. It does so even as external factors like filter clogs, inlet blockage, or different populations of components and cabling affect the air-flow rate. The user programs the desired air-velocity set point at the sensor location, which is derived empirically during the prototyping or analysis stage of the product. The sensed air velocity is compared to the set point to generate a PWM control input to the fan. In this fashion, the C-600 increases and decreases fan RPM in order to maintain the desired air velocity. The controller also communicates to a host system by means of I2C or UART and can provide real-time data on the air velocity, air temperature, and the PWM signal being generated. This compact controller measures less than 1.0 in.2 and mounts to PCBs through seven pins on standard 0.1-in. centers. DEGREE CONTROLS INC., Milford, NH. (603) 672-8900.


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