A/D Converter Operates From 3.3V Supply

Dec. 1, 1998

Claimed as the first 12-bit, 20 MSPS analog-to-digital converter to operate from a 3.3V power supply, the SPT7935 reportedly burns less than one-third the power of comparable 12-bit ADCs. The 3.3V power supply also provides an easy interface to the latest generation of ASICs and DSP chips. At 20 MSPS, the device is able to achieve low power dissipation of just 79 mW. All inputs and outputs are compatible with standard TLL interfaces.The device also features on-chip track-and-hold, assuring excellent dynamic performance without the need for external components. The low power dissipation and high dynamic range make the ADC well-suited for video transmission and handheld instrumentation applications.


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