Single-Chip Camera Trolls Cell Phone And PDA Markets

Oct. 1, 2002

Aimed at the video cellular phone and personal digital assistant (PDA) markets, the ICM-205B single-chip camera integrates a VGA-resolution, 640 x 480 CMOS image sensor with a state-of-the-art, color processing engine. A unique feature of the device is said to be an on-chip, color-processing, proprietary digital signal processor (DSP) that is able to handle sophisticated auto-exposure control, auto-white-balance control, and gamma correction. This capability enables images to be captured in a wide variety of environments, including low-light, dim-light and incandescent lighting conditions. Fabricated in 0.35 µm CMOS technology, the camera uses a 0.25" optical system and operates at 30 fps in a progressive manner. Other features include a pixel size of 6.0 µm x 6.0 µm, a sensor area of 5.1 mm x 3.8 mm, and a 9-bit A/D converter performing correlated double sampling. Output formats include 8- and 16-bit YUV or YCbCr, 16- or 24-bit RGB, and 8-bit raw data. Available in 11.43 mm x 11.43 mm shrunk plastic LCC packages, price is $12.00 each/100K. IC MEDIA CORP., San Jose, CA. (408) 451-8838.


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