DC/DC Converters Deliver Up To 6A In Standard 1" x 2" Package

Nov. 1, 2001

Targeting FPGA, DSP and ASIC Core logic designs, the A-Series dc/dc converters deliver 1.5V, 1.8V and 2.5V outputs at 6A. The converters are claimed to deliver the highest current of any standard sized, 1" x 2" dc/dc converter on the market. Three input-voltage ranges are available: 10 to 18V (D12 models), 18 to 36V (D24 models) or 36 to 75V (D48 models). Also employing industry-standard pinouts, the devices employ a 310 kHz synchronous-rectifier topology, said to deliver high efficiency (up to 88%) and stable no-load operation. Other features include isolation up to 1.5 kVd, line and load regulation, I/O protection, output current limiting, and continuous short-circuit protection. Price is $56 each/1 and $35 each/10,000. For further information, call DATEL, INC. Mansfield, MA. (508) 339-3000.


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