ADC's Resolution Can Be Programmed To Change Dynamically

Oct. 1, 1998

The resolution and sampling speed of the TLV1562 A/D converter can be programmed to change dynamically during operation. Any of three combinations can be programmed into the device: 10-bit resolution at 2 MSPS; 8 bits at 3 MSPS; and 4 bits at 7 MSPS. Programmability means a boost in flexibility in DSP applications in portable digital radios, paging systems, process and motor controls, remote sensing, and communications.For example, in a monitoring application, the converter can be programmed to scan a wide area at low resolution and high speed. If an anomaly occurs, the TLV1562 can be programmed to shift into a higher-resolution, slower-speed mode for closer analysis.In addition, the device features what's said to be a unique dual sample-and-hold architecture. One input channel can be sampling while the second channel is converting analog signals. By switching between the two channels, the device can output a continuous stream of digital data for long periods of time. In certain applications, such as communication systems, this capability is critical. However, in applications that may be more interrupt-driven, such as network file servers, the device's sample-and-hold channels can be configured to minimize interrupt latency and assure optimal performance.The TLV1562 operates from a wide voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V. At 2.7V input, it draws as little as 7.8 µA.

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