Controller IC Includes 128-Bit Hardware Encryption

May 29, 2007
The OnSpec xSil261 from IntellaSys targets UDMA CompactFlash memory or IDE/ATAPI hard disk drives using a USB 2.0 interface.

The OnSpec xSil261 controller chip from IntellaSys features a 128-bit, hardware-encrypted security function for use with UDMA CompactFlash (CF) memory or IDE/ATAPI hard disk drives using a USB 2.0 interface. The hardware encryption/decryption function, which is fully compliant with the Advanced Encryption Standard, combines with two-level software authentication of passwords to prevent unauthorized access of memory content. The xSil261 offers the same attributes as the high-speed xSil251, but with the addition of PIO mode 6 and the embedded security.

The xSill261 can be configured to manage either a USB-to-CF or USB-to-IDE/ATA interface, but not both simultaneously. Configured for the IDE/ATA interface, the device allows two hard drives to operate as one, providing a low-cost solution for data backup. IntellaSys supports the chip with additional software that provides the end user with convenient features. OEMs opting to include this software with their xSil-based controllers can enable users to backup data with a simple one-touch pushbutton. For OEMs offering a portable USB-to-hard-drive solution, OnSpec software also allows use of the drive independent of the PC system being used. The xSil261 comes in a 48-pin, 9- by 9-mm LQFP package.

The xSil261 is in production and has begun sampling. PRICING
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