Power Stage Supports Multiple Output Configurations

April 18, 2006
With its CS44130 Power Stage IC, Cirrus Logic offers a complete digital amplifier solution for digital TV, home theater receivers

The CS44130 is a high-efficiency power stage for digital Class-D amplifiers designed to input PWM signals from a modulator such as the CS44800/600. The power stage outputs can be configured as four half-bridge channels, two half-bridge channels and one full-bridge channel, two full-bridge channels, or one parallel full-bridge channel.

The CS44130 integrates on-chip over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature protection and error reporting as well as a thermal warning indicator. The low RDS (ON) of the outputs allows the part to operate at up to 90% efficiency. This efficiency provides for a smaller device package, no heat sink requirements, and smaller power supplies. The CS44130 is available in a 48-pin QFN package for both Commercial grades (-10° to +70° C) and Automotive grades (-40° to +85° C).

The CS44130 is in sample production. Contact Cirrus for more information. PRICING
In 10,000 quantities, the CS44130 is priced starting at $2.78. FOR MORE INFORMATION
Visit www.cirrus.com

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