Hearing Aid Design Algorithms Target IC Series

July 23, 2007
The Hearing Aid Designer suite of high-end sound-processing algorithms from Dynamic Hearing PTY Ltd. was developed specifically for AMI Semiconductor's Ezairo 5900 series of ICs.

Dynamic Hearing PTY Ltd. has selected the AMI Semiconductor Ezairo 5900 series of ICs and packaged hybrids for use with Dynamic Hearing's latest suite of high-end sound-processing algorithms. The algorithms in the Hearing Aid Designer suite are combined within a framework that streamlines and reduces the development process, creating high-featured, differentiated products quickly. The patented ultra-low-delay signal processing of the Hearing Aid Designer operates over a 12-kHz bandwidth to render superior sound quality. In addition, the suite can process multiple advanced algorithms simultaneously, such as adaptive feedback management, automatic adaptive directional microphone processing, and noise reduction.

The Ezario 5900 series' highly flexible and integrated system architecture enhances the hearing Aid Designer's high performance and superior sound quality. The Ezario 5900 devices feature a 24-bit precision open programmable DSP core combined with the highly reconfigurable HEAR accelerator engine. This unique dual-core architecture allows Dynamic Hearing algorithms to run with an optimal balance between performance and power consumption. The Ezairo 5900 models include all necessary on-chip peripheral blocks to directly interface with transducers, battery, and controls.

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