Voice-Over IP Package Comes in Three Versions

Sept. 1, 1998

Targeting both corporate and consumer IP telephony markets, GAO VoIP voice-over IP software package is available in three versions and complies with the appropriate Bell and ITU standards and is upgradable. The package comes in assembly languages for: the ADSP21xx family of DSPs from Analog Devices; the C54x family of DSPs from Texas Instruments; and also in fixed-point C for microprocessors. The algorithms in the package cope with packet loss and provide, it's claimed, near toll-quality voice. The package includes software for speech compression, telephony, modem, and fax. Applications for the package, which can be customized to suit users' specific requirements, include: voice-over IP-PSTN gateways; long-distance calling over the Internet; managed networks intranets, or virtual private networks; and multi-point H.323 conferencing. The package utilizes VoIP technology, which allows voice, data and fax calls to be placed over IP networks and compresses calls down to 5.3 kbps from 64 kbps.


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