Low-Cost DSP Hopes To Cast Spell Over Emerging VON Mart

April 1, 2001

Priced at $8.86 each/50K and housed in a 208-pin PQFP, the LSI403Z digital signal processor (DSP) is billed as a low-cost solution for current and emerging voice over network (VON) implementations. Representing the youngest member of the ZSP DSP family and based on the ZSP core, the new device operates at 150 MHz, delivering a maximum throughput of 600 MIPS, and is backward compatible with previous generation DSPs.
Performance levels are achieved via a four-way superscalar engine with four execution units: two multiply accumulate units (MACs) and two arithmetic logic units (ALUs). This configuration allows the DSP to execute two multiply-accumulate operations in a single clock cycle while typically consuming just 1 mW/MIPS. Single cycle add-compare-select, bit manipulation and 32-bit arithmetic and logic operations are also supported.


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