Bluetooth Channel-Sounding Demo Features Wireless MCUs

June 14, 2024
The MCX W Series pin-compatible multiprotocol wireless MCUs enable interoperable and innovative smart-home devices, building automation sensors and controls, and smart energy products.
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In an increasingly linked electronics ecosystem, the ability to function within a variety of wireless protocols becomes more and more important. Addressing wireless multiprotocol platforms by enabling wireless connectivity for multiple standards such as Matter, Thread, Zigbee, and Bluetooth LE, NXP Semiconductors' MCX W wireless microcontrollers are secure, wireless MCUs for compact and scalable designs. The MCUs leverage the Arm Cortex-M33 architecture and have a unified set of pin-compatible multiprotocol wireless options, enabling interoperable and innovative smart-home devices.

Supported by the MCUXpresso Developer Experience, the MCX W series expands the MCX microcontroller family by offering a single MCU platform for developers with a common core, architecture, intelligent peripherals, and software experience. Part of NXP's EdgeLock Assurance program, the MCX W series integrates the company's EdgeLock Secure Enclave Core Profile and supports its EdgeLock 2GO key and certificate management service.

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