MCUs Leverage Cloud-Based Development Environment to Empower SDVs

May 17, 2024
The NXP S32 CoreRide platform addresses central-compute needs, while the company's cloud-based virtual development environment helps carmakers meet time-to-market demands.
William Wong | Electronic Design

Developing software-defined vehicles (SDVs) is challenging, but offers advantages such as upgradable features and new revenue streams. However, the growth of hardware-defined variants across different vehicle classes makes it difficult to maintain a modern vehicle architecture development flow.

NXP Semiconductors' S32 CoreRide central-compute solution addresses automakers’ diverse central-compute need. Meanwhile, NXP's cloud-based virtual development environment helps carmakers meet SDV time-to-market demands.

CoreRide: Combining Tech for a Central-Compute Solution

The S32 CoreRide platform brings together NXP’s S32 compute, networking, system power management, and ready-to-deploy software from the company’s software partner ecosystem, while the S32 CoreRide solution for central compute uses the company's latest S32N family of vehicle super-integration processors.

Offering safe and scalable combinations of real-time and applications processing as well as vehicle networking, it leverages the S32 Design Studio, a complementary integrated development environment (IDE) for automotive.

The S32DS IDE is a development tool based on open-source software, including Eclipse IDE, GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), and GNU Debugger (GDB), with no code-size limitations that enable editing, compiling, and debugging of designs. The IDE supports Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 64-bit OS (with 32-bit binaries), Ubuntu 16.04 (64 bit), 18.04 (64 bit), Debian 8 (64 bit), and CentOS 7 (64 bit) host operating systems.

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