Dev Tools Unlock Multicore Performance

Feb. 29, 2012

Freescale Semiconductor and Green Hills Software have announced their commitment to a joint product roadmap for the Freescale MPC57xx family of Qorivva automotive microcontrollers (MCUs).

Green Hills Software’s MULTI multicore debugger, optimizing compiler, TimeMachine suite, and processor probes will leverage Qorivva’s Power Architecture core and enhanced peripherals, multicore debug, and high-speed processor trace interfaces.

Through the collaboration, car manufacturers and Tier 1 developers of powertrain, hybrid, body, and instrument cluster applications will have early access and global software support for the MPC57xx roadmap.

Today’s automotive electronic control units (ECUs) demand increased processing performance and power efficiency, built-in software security, and sophisticated functional safety capability within a zero-defect environment.

Freescale’s MPC57xx family was designed to provide these capabilities via intelligent hardware peripherals and complementary software libraries. Developers require a correspondingly powerful set of development tools.

The 32-bit Qorivva 57xx microcontrollers allow developers to bring single-core and multicore solutions to market faster thanks to a scalable architecture and consistent base software platform. Intelligent peripherals reduce system cost by minimizing the amount of external circuitry in the system.

With Freescale’s SafeAssure functional safety initiative, developers can achieve system certification within safety-critical environments such as braking and steering. The latest Qorivva MCU product families range from simple, low-cost, single-core controllers to triple- and quad-core variants, providing increased performance, security, and safety for next-generation vehicle applications.    

Through continuing technical collaboration between Freescale and Green Hills, optimizing compilers offer tailored optimization to the enhanced MPC57xx Power Architecture e200 cores and specialized processing units. The Green Hills Software tools employ thousands of processor-independent and processor-dependent optimizations, including techniques such as variable-length encoding (VLE) instruction packing, inter-procedural optimizations, link-time automatic small data area optimization, and code factoring.

Freescale used Green Hills Software’s optimizing compilers for the Power Architecture e200 for certified, published Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) Automark scores for the MPC5566, MPC5607B, MPC5644A, and MPC5674F microcontrollers. The results for the MPC5674F are the highest Automark scores ever achieved on an automotive microcontroller.

MULTI for the Qorivva MPC57xx processor family offers integrated development, debug, and programming tools. Its Green Hills Register Definition (GRD) tool provides textual descriptions of MPC57xx registers conveniently located in the debugger, single-core and multicore build and debug for bare-board (no operating system) applications, flash programming for on-chip flash supporting the CFI model option and C55FMC drivers, New Project Wizard (NPW) support for MPC57xx development boards, Instruction set simulator (ISS), Performance Profiler, Project Builder, Code Coverage, Run-time Error Checking, MISRA C Adherence Wizard, DoubleCheck integrated Static Code Analyzer, Green Hills Target Debug Agents for Green Hills Probe, and P&E Multilink.

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