Software Development Tools for Automotive Applications

July 27, 2023
TASKING targets Tier-1 automotive suppliers, car manufacturers, and industries that require the creation of high-performance, safe, and reliable applications designed to meet or exceed industry safety standards like ISO 26262 and ASIL D.

TASKING is a supplier of software compilers and tools that target safety applications such as automotive software. The company utilizes its own Viper compiler technology instead of open-source compilers like gcc or LLVM. I talked with Roger Smith, Technical Marketing Manager at TASKNG, about the challenges developers face when creating applications that need to meet requirements like ISO 26262 (see the video above)

TASKING recently acquired iSYSTEM, which provided debugging software and hardware such as emulation adapters for developers. This includes the isystem.connect API for test automation as well as the winIDEA Analyzer. Multicore SoC development involves hypervisors and operating systems like AUTOSAR that's used with many automotive applications. 

Certification and qualification are major aspects of TASKING's solutions, which meshes with its automotive focus. The tools are ASPICE-compliant and built with freedom from interference. Freedom from interference is the idea of isolating subsystems in a system-on-chip (SoC). As a result, different applications or operating systems on an SoC can work at different ASIL levels such as ASIL B and ASIL D. The company's Safety Checker is a static-analysis tool designed to address these types of freedom from interference issues. 

TASKING's TriCore Inspector Tool takes advantage of TASKING's Issue Portal to reduce manual code inspection.  It can be used to address ISO 26262 compliance. 

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