Video: A capabilities perspective of the semiconductor industry

March 8, 2019

For several decades, the semiconductor industry has been the backbone of technological progress. However this growth trajectory has its natural limits. This fact, combined with changing demands for semiconductors, is creating the need for major transformation in the industry. But what will this look like?

Strategy& foresees significant additional restructuring in the coming years, as semiconductors players move to differentiate themselves and align around a number of distinct capabilities systems. Today’s semiconductors players should begin by asking themselves: How do we create value for our customers in this market? What do we need to excel at to deliver on our value proposition? What will we sell?... and to whom?

There are a number of distinct “ways to play” in the semiconductors sector. The right path for each company will depend on the unique capabilities it already has—or is able to build. Once companies are clear about their way to play, they then need to focus all their attention on taking the few capabilities that matter to this value proposition to a world-class level, and turning them into a powerful growth engine, that will allow them to win over time.

This 4-minute video from Strategy& covers all of the above:

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