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PCIe to SD Bridge Module Comes in M.2 Format

June 28, 2023
The bridge module developed by iWave helps boost data-transfer speeds and expands storage options.

iWave Systems recently introduced its new PCIe to SD bridge module with an M.2 type 2280 form factor. The module provides greater flexibility when it comes to compatibility and integration with existing infrastructures. M.2 is a specification for internally mounted PC expansion cards, which allows for multiple module widths and lengths and is designed for space-constrained solid-state storage applications.

The module can exploit the PCI Express Gen 3 communication standard and supports the NVMe interface, providing low latencies and increased throughput for transferring high-speed data. The standard is well-suited for desktops, laptops, data centers, and IoT applications that take advantage of faster read/write speeds.

The PCIe to SD M.2 module is designed around an Artix-7 FPGA, which provides bridging capabilities between PCIe and SD 3.0 units to validate different memory densities of micro-SD cards. For host processor communication, the module features 2-lane PCIe Gen 2.0 interfaces, and since PCIe is backward-compatible, users can integrate the module easily with existing systems. Interfacing SD cards is realized using the protocol implemented with the FPGA.

Offered in the M.2 2280-M key form factor, the module complies with the SD 3.0 standard specifications. Moreover, it supports both standard and high-capacity SD operations and can handle data rates up to SDR 104/UHS-1. The compact module operates at temperatures ranging from −40 to +85°C and consumes little power.

In addition, the bridge module can be used as an IP validation platform to test PCIe/SD bridge functionality, as well as a development kit for programming and testing SD chipsets to comply with specifications.

“We are excited to introduce the new plug-and-play M.2 module in the market for our Storage IP core quick evaluation as well as characterization/validation of new storage memory devices and load pre-built binary image to new storage memory devices for chip manufacturers,” said Sheik Abdullah A, VP of Engineering in a recent press release.

iWave also offers a complete ecosystem to support the PCIe to SD bridge module, including technical support hardware, software, and FPGA for users to get up to speed with developing new projects and solutions.

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