Multimode Unit Performs ARB, Function & Pulse Generation

June 1, 1999

The Model 4070 synthesized arbitrary waveform/function/pulse generator is claimed as the lowest-priced arbitrary waveform generator that uses a separately synthesized sample clock for the ARB function to improve performance. The instrument is suited for use by engineers, technicians and designers in a variety of applications, including communications, audio, video, power systems and consumer electronics. Based on direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology, the unit serves as an arbitrary waveform generator, function generator, and synthesized waveform generator that produces modulated sinewaves from dc to 21.5 MHz.Key features include RS-232 remote control, a full-size numeric keypad and encoder to provide direct editing of each parameter without submenus, and instant access to all primary functions of the instrument. A large, easy-to-read illuminated LCD display allows the user to see all modulation parameters simultaneously.

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