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March 19, 2009

Power Electronics Technology and the Electronic Design Group bring the latest in power design information direct to you, the design engineer, with our online conference ONE POWERFUL DAY. The conference brings you up to date on the latest in Power Design, and you can pick and choose the free sessions that benefit you the most.

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Session 1

Increasing PV Panel Energy Output Through Distributed Max Power Point Tracking Time - 11:00am ETPhotovoltaic panel systems are becoming more widespread and installed in more diverse locations. In many of these installations the energy output is affected by shading, panel mismatch, or other factors and it can be significantly increased by implementing distributed power electronics architecture. This session will compare the performance of a typical centralized max power point tracking (MPPT) grid-tied PV installation with the performance of a similar system implementing distributed MPPT, and describe the impact on PV site feasibility, reliability, and efficiency.

Perry Tsao, Ph.D., Renewable Energy Technologist, National Semiconductor
Moderator: Don Tuite

Session 2

Thermal Management: Magic Heatsinks Time - 12:15pm ETSponsor - FujipolyThe session will discuss the uses of heatsinks in electronics cooling applications. Guidelines on when/where they can be integrated will be reviewed. Also basic thermal calculations for predicting the usefulness of the devices will be discussed.

Patrick Loney, Fellow Mechanical Engineer, Patrick Loney Thermal Consulting
Sam Davis

Session 3

Battery and Charger Options for Portable DevicesTime - 1:30pm ETSponsor - Micro Power Electronics Engineers designing portable electronic devices need to understand the latest technologies offered by battery, power management, and charging circuit vendors. Joe DeCarlo reviews common electrical design challenges with portable devices, and then explains how various battery options can overcome these challenges and improve the performance of portable devices. Battery topics include safety aspects of battery chemistries, available form factors for batteries, performance/power/price trade-offs, accurate state-of charge measurement, and battery authentication techniques. Bob Staub covers the various options for the location for charging circuitry, integration with power supplies, accelerating charge time, preventing EMI/ESD, and passing agency safety tests. You'll leave this session with practical and critical knowledge for designing the portable power subsystem of a portable device.

Joe DeCarlo, Director for Sanyo Energy
Bob Staub, Director for SelfCHARGE
Moderator: Don Tuite

Session 4

Off-line and General Lighting LED Solutions Time - 2:45pm ETSponsor - Jameco Electronics The session will begin with a brief discussion about the driving forces shaping the LED industry. This will include government regulations, the move to greener technologies and the cost of ownership value proposition of LED lighting. In addition, we will touch on some of the applications that are, or soon will be, migrating from conventional lighting sources such as incandescent, CCFL and HID to LED and why. We will cover a number of solutions, including topologies that address these applications including the specific features and benefits of each and what applications they best address. I will discuss the importance of Power factor Correction and where it is useful in lighting systems. I will conclude with a discussion looking at the requirements the semiconductor industry will need to meet to enable the LED lighting industry to move forward.

James Aliberti, Product marketing engineer, Texas Instruments
Sam Davis

Session 5

Power Supply TestingTime - 4:00pm ET Power supply testing requires sophisticated electronic equipment. The different power supply architectures and output combinations also dictate the need for versatile test instruments that can accommodate a broad range of specifications. Tests performed in an R&D environment are primarily for power supply design verification, requiring high performance test equipment and a high degree of manual control for bench use. Testing in production environments primarily focus on overall function based on the specifications determined during the product’s design phase; automation is often essential due to large volume testing, which requires high test throughput and test repeatability.

Ed Brorein, Senior Applications Engineer, Agilent
Sam Davis

Session 6

MOSFET Design and Optimization for Power Supply and Power Control Applications Time: 5:00 pm ETSponsor -NEC Electronics America

MOSFET processes need to be optimized for specific applications to allow high performance and robustness. The optimization is not simply in scaling a given process to the proper breakdown voltage rating, but in tuning the way that MOSFETs behave when switching high currents and when subjected to harsh transient conditions. For example can a single MOSFET process effectively provide the best performance when used in a high frequency synchronous buck application as well as for a battery powered bicycle or power drill? In this session I will discuss the benefits of optimized Trench and Planar MOSFET families that are produced exclusively at foundries using 8 inch wafer technology  

David Grey, Marketing Director for AOS’ MOSFET Products

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