Cable Test App Adds New Build Modes And Browser Capabilities

Sept. 1, 2000

The company's Windows-based cable and wire harness test software, TestRite 2.2, has been updated with the addition of new build modes and browser capabilities. New build features let users easily build wire assemblies and quickly verify assembly point locations, making for simpler and faster setups. Claiming to provide build-display functions not available on comparable software, the new browser capabilities can display virtually any file that a browser can access including GIF and JPG files, movies and sound, and HTML files. Users can also import data from the Internet or an intranet source while building a wire harness. Compatible with Windows 95/98/NT, the application works with the company's continuity analyzers and cable testers. The application consists of two modes: TestRite editor for programming, testing and assembly guidance; and TestPanel, used primarily for production assembly and test. For use with Series 90 test systems, TestRite 2.2 is priced at $495. For use with microprocessor-based testers, pricing is $295.

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