High-Brightness LEDs Emit Warm, Incandescent Color

Aug. 2, 2006
The L200-XIW series devices from LEDtronics feature 14,000 MCD light output.

Emitting a warm, incandescent color (3000K), the L200-XIW series Super Bright LEDs put out 14,000 MCD, three times the light of standard LEDs, while running on only 3.2 to 4 V dc. The LED comes in a standard 5-mm water-clear, dome lens housing that allows for a 20° viewing angle. Other viewing angles are available for OEM customers.

Their size and brightness, along with the warmth of the light emitted, make the L200-XIW series well suited for applications replacing incandescent lamps. Typical applications include mini lamps, standard electrical-based bulbs, displays, theater décor bulbs, telecommunications data products, push-button switches, safety area lighting, street lighting, medical equipment lighting, or any other area where the 3000K color is desirable. With an average life span of 100,000+ hours, LEDs operate more than 20 times longer than the equivalent incandescent lamps, produce almost no heat, and require 80% to 90% less operating power.

Availability is stock to four to six weeks for special requirements. PRICING
The L200-XIW series LEDs cost $18.00 for a package of 10. Volume discounts are available. FOR MORE INFORMATION
Visit www.ledtronics.com/ds/l200cw6kb/


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