Unique Package Protects Flat-Panel Displays From Harsh Environments

Feb. 1, 1999

Through use of packaging based on a high-strength extruded aluminum frame and constant pressure (isobaric) IsoKlip clips, the SharkView series of flat-panel displays and computer systems reportedly can ward off the effects of harsh environs such as are encountered in industrial, military and transportation settings. The aluminum extrusions are finned to enhance system cooling, with the IsoKlip clips captured in the extrusion to provide a tightly controlled amount of pressure-by adding or removing clips, the protective rating can be changed (e.g., a certain number of clips can give a NEMA 12/IP65 rating and another number, NEMA 4/IP66). SharkView active matrix color displays are available in various sizes and resolutions, with a 12.1" NEMA 12 monitor. A family of SharkView ruggedized flat-panel computer systems also is available.


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