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Oct. 29, 2001
Analysis Probe Suits Computers Incorporating HyperTransport FuturePlus Systems Corp. (719) 278-3540; fax (719) 278-9586; www.futureplus.com The FS2240 HyperTransport analysis probe is...
Analysis Probe Suits Computers Incorporating HyperTransportFuturePlus Systems Corp.(719) 278-3540; fax (719) 278-9586; www.futureplus.com

The FS2240 HyperTransport analysis probe is intended for designers of new computers that incorporate HyperTransport technology from Advanced Micro Devices. Using the FS2240, designers can transform one of the company's logic analyzers into a passive HyperTransport protocol analyzer. Together with the powerful triggering and state-analysis capabilities of the company's state-analyzer modules, the FS2240 gives designs a powerful tool for debugging, testing, and verifying compliance with HyperTransport-based systems.

The FS2240 provides an electrical and mechanical interface between a HyperTransport device and one of the company's logic analyzers. The probe connects to a HyperTransport test connector that the user can incorporate into the target system. The device includes software to set up the logic analyzer and to perform HyperTransport transaction analysis in real time. It supports both 8- and 16-bit full duplex operation and displays link transactions clearly in HyperTransport mnemonics. The FS2240 HyperTransport analysis probe costs $29,000.

Jitter Analyzer Provides Measurements At 2.5 And 10 Gbits/sAnritsu Co.(800) ANRITSU; fax (972) 671-1877; www.us.anritsu.com

The MP1580A is the world's smallest jitter analyzer that provides highly accurate measurements of jitter characteristics at 2.5 and 10 Gbits/s. According to the company, the MP1580A is the only analyzer that can generate variable types of TDEV masks at 10 Gbits/s when conducting wander measurements. This jitter analyzer is suited for measurement applications such as research and development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of Sonet/SDH systems and networks.

The tool measures only 320 by 100 by 350 mm. It is designed for use with the company's MP1570A/A1 portable Sonet/SDH/ATM analyzer. It fully conforms to the Bellcore GR-1377 standard. Also, it exceeds the latest ITU-T0.172 standards for measuring instruments. It offers jitter bandwidth up to 80 MHz for jitter generation and measurement. And, it offers up to 4000-UlP-P maximum jitter modulation for testing at 10 Gbits/s. Six high-speed jitter and wander measurements can be made automatically with the MP1580A. Pricing for the MP1580A starts at $11,950.

Waveform Generator Offers Pulse-Generation CapabilitiesBerkeley Nucleonics Corp.(800) 234-7858; fax (415) 453-9956; www.berkeleynucleonics.com

The Model 625A SmartARB arbitrary waveform generator provides function, arbitrary-waveform, and pulse-generation capabilities. Standard modes include sine, square, ramp, triangle, and random waveforms. Also, additional modes include AM, FM, PM, SSB, FSK, BPSK signal modulation, DTMF generate, DTMF detect, voltage and power measurement, and data and word generation.

The Model 625A is the only ARB on the market that is free of skipped points or phase shifts. A functional user interface presents all operating parameters on a single display. The function generator provides ramps, triangles, exponentials, random, and sinewave functions in both continuous or triggered operation. The pulse generator provides adjustable amplitudes, offsets, repetition, rates, and duty cycle in both continuous or triggered operation. For pricing and availability information for the Model 625A SmartARB, contact the company.

LED Measurement Tool Handles More Than 25 Spectral Scans/sOptronic Laboratories Inc.(407) 422-3171; fax (407) 648-5412; www.optroniclabs.com

The OL 770-LED is a CCD-based, high-speed multichannel spectroradiometer capable of more than 25 spectral scans/s. Unlike standalone radiometers or photometers currently available, this tool is capable of all critical measurements of LED components. Measurements include optical power, color, and goniometric measurements. The OL 770-LED fully complies with CIE Publication 127.

All of the instrument's control electronics, internal spectrograph, and detector are housed in one rugged, portable enclosure. Its lightweight, small-footprint design makes it an ideal instrument for use in production environments where portability is required. The OL 770-LED is equipped with both RS-232 and USB interfaces. A plug-in card for the PC host is not required. The USB interface provides fast measurement results to the computer and allows laptops to be utilized. Windows-based application software provides for all setup, measurement, data, and control functions. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

DSO Workstation Incorporates PC CapabilitiesNicolet Instrument Technologies(608) 327-6643; fax (608) 327-6700; www.niti.com

The Accura 100 combines the power of a high-resolution digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) with the capabilities of a Windows PC in a single system. The system's 100-Msample/s 12-bit (0.025% resolution) digitizers offer 16 times the resolution of typical 8-bit scopes. Ultra-low noise amplifiers yield superior performance. The common-mode differential IntelliProbe places the amplifier at the signal source for improved high-frequency common-mode rejection. This ensures 0.25% accuracy at the probe tip while offering more than 100-dB CMRR at 100 Hz. Over 60-dB CMRR is featured at 1 MHz.

Accura offers up to 2 million data points of memory per channel. This enables worry-free capture of transient events with no compromise of the sample rate. For unlimited data storage and communication, the system incorporates internal floppy and hard drives, high-speed 100-Mbit/s Ethernet, and USB and PCI connectivity. A 10.4-in. SVGA display is featured. On-board analysis and custom reporting software enables sophisticated 2D and 3D plots. Available now, the Accura 100 starts at $20,490.

Electrical-Short Finder Uses Patented Wire BrushWavetek Meterman(877) 596-2680; fax (425) 446-4882; www.metermantesttools.com

The SF-10 Electronic Short Finder uses a patented wire brush to quickly "sweep" pc boards under test to find electrical shorts. Using this tool, many test points can be covered in a single sweep. This enables the quick isolation of a suspected short to a very small region of the board. Then, the tool's individual probe point is used to identify the specific components affected by the short.

This tool is designed specifically for electronics repair technicians. Available now, the SF-10 costs $39.95.

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