Evaluation A/D Module Aids 18-Bit Processor Design

July 1, 2000

Designed to facilitate the evaluation of the company's ALD500R integrating dual slope a/d front-end chip, ALD500R-MB1 a/d converter module contains all the necessary hardware and I/O circuits for inputting and displaying a dc voltage with a resolution up to ±5.5 digits. A 25-pin connector is included to interface the module to a PC via the printer port. When interfaced to a PC, the measured value is displayed as a virtual digital panel meter on the PC monitor. The module can also be used stand-alone by applying 5 Vdc and a clock for outputting the digital value in 24-bit serial binary format. Other features include a full-scale input range of ±2.00000 Vdc, a linearity of 0.005%, high input impedance, and sample rates from 1 to 5 samples/s. The modules are priced at $99 each.


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