Chip Improves Image And Extends Battery Life Of Portable Displays

May 1, 2002

Targeted for use with the hi-res TFT displays of handheld products such as 3G cell phones, PDAs and games, the ADD8502 high-accuracy programmable grayscale generator reportedly reduces power dissipation by a whopping 75% in these next-generation products compared to existing generators. And in addition to boosting battery life, the new IC is also said to improve image quality. The ADD8502 provides al the reference signals needed for a LCD panel by integrating on-chip D/A converters, mask programmable reference setting resistors, gamma buffers, and VCOM switching. Two sets of five reference voltages are mask programmed to 0.2% resolution, allowing designers to optimize color characteristics of the LCD panel. Further, two power-safe modes can reduce total current to

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