OLED Reference Design Simplifies Display Design

Oct. 31, 2006
OSRAM's Pictiva OLED Reference Design Kit includes 2.7-in. and 1.6-in. 128-by-64 displays that help engineers create a display system for their applications.

As a development tool, the Pictiva OLED Display Reference Design kit serves as a design model and helps users easily evaluate OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' organic LED (OLED) products. The kit assembles all necessary items to power up, initialize, and test various modes and display images on a display module, allowing quick and efficient integration of an OLED into the user's display system. The kit includes two of the company's most popular industrial OLED displays: the 2.7-in. 128-by-64 and the 1.6-in. 128-by-64.

The kit operates with any standard desktop or laptop PC, and gives users the flexibility to download an image quickly while supporting both still photographs and video. Contrast levels, gamma tables, and many other useful functions are incorporated into a user-friendly PC interface. The tool includes both hardware and software solutions to speed the design process. Additionally, it supports multiple OSRAM OLED formats and includes an RS-232 interface for pattern upload.

The Pictiva OLED Display Reference Design Kit is shipping now.PRICING
The kit costs under $200.FOR MORE INFORMATION
Visit www.osram-os.com.
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