Emerging Display Technology Selects Green Compliance Management Solution from PTC/POAKS

Nov. 16, 2005
Leader in STN LCD Industry Deploys PTC/POAKS Solution for Environmental Compliance Management

South Pasadena, CA – October 21, 2005 – Pacific Oaks Technology (POAKS), a leading provider of green compliance management solution, today announced that Emerging Display Technology (EDT)– a leader in providing small-to-midsized STN LCD panels, has deployed the Green Supplier Manager (GSM), Green Component Manager (GCM) and Internet Database Reader (IDR) from POAKS as the green compliance management solution across its enterprise in meeting the compliance requirements of several EU environmental directives such as RoHS, Packaging and Packaging Waste, and Batteries and Accumulators.

Besides the green compliance management solution from POAKS, EDT has also selected the Windchill system from Parametric Technology Corp. (PTC) as the enterprise product lifecycle management tool. Great Engineering Technology (Getech) is the selected system integrator to integrate the tools with the existing enterprise infrastructure. “Windchill has been proven in many places that it could be integrated with almost all ERP systems. We also have the experience in putting Windchill and GCM together. Actually the web service interface between the two systems are well-suited for each other so the integration becomes pretty easy.” said Thomas Chen, Director of Green Solutions in Getech, “EDT’s requirements call for proper supplier management and component compliance management throughout the product management. POAKS products of GSM and GCM fit so perfectly that the GSM would provide a portal for suppliers to download the green requirements from EDT and upload the green component documents for approval. GCM would then process the approved material and present the compliance status for each component in the BOM right away. The status will then be forwarded back to Windchill so all users inside EDT could view and learn about the green status of each component used in the product BOM.”

“One important factor for selecting POAKS solution among others is the IDR database, which covers the material composition information from many Asian manufacturers.” said Thomas Chen, “EDT has confronted the same problem as many other electronic companies do – they could not get their suppliers to reply the material survey forms in time. The return rate is normally lower than 40%. IDR database in this respect has helped to ease the situation quite a bit.”

“IDR database is the collection of material composition info for commodity components. The information are listed per manufacturer part numbers, instead of showing the info in packaging as most component suppliers do.”, said Jon Wu, Vice President of POAKS, “It covers the commodity components from global suppliers like TI, National, ON-Semi, ADI, Fairchild, Philips, Bourns, AVX, Kemet, etc. and the Asian suppliers like Winbond, Anachip, UMC, Yageo, etc., that total to more than 5.2 million parts. It normally could map around 15 to 20 percent of the parts used in your BOMs, and it is the critical 15 to 20 percent that you have problem of collecting the info with.”

About Emerging Display Technology Corp.

Founded in 1994, EDT is a public company in Taiwan and has been the leading provider of small-to-midsized LCD displays. The product offerings include M-STN, CSTN, TFT and LTPS. Besides LCD, EDT also offers LCD modules (LCM). Customers include LG, TCL and AUO. Visit EDT for details at www.edtc.com.

About Pacific Oaks Technology, Inc.

Founded in 2001, Pacific Oaks Technology (POAKS) has been providing engineering contents management tools and services worldwide. POAKS solution of green compliance management is a suite of software tool plus a database of material composition information for commodity components. The software management tools include the desktop solution of QS MDP (Quick-Start Material Declaration Processor) for single user, and the web-based enterprise solution of GCM (Green Component Manager) for multiple users. For more information, call 626-799-0346 or visit www.pacific-oaks.com.


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