PC-Based Scope Boasts 1-Gsample/s Digitizing Rate

Nov. 16, 2006
With a 128-Msample memory depth and USB streaming capability, the PicoScope 5204 from Pico Technology features advanced scope functions.

The PicoScope 5204 connects to the USB port of any Windows laptop or PC to create a dual-channel oscilloscope with high-end features, including advanced triggering and an equivalent-time sampling mode. The instrument has a 250-MHz bandwidth, a 128-Msample memory depth, and a 1-Gsample/s real-time sampling rate. For repetitive signals, the equivalent-time mode sampling rate is up to 20 Gsamples/s. Other advanced functions include a built-in 250-MHz spectrum analyzer and a 12-bit, 125-Msample/s arbitrary waveform generator. With its USB streaming capability at speeds up to 6 Msamples/s, the scope can handle high-speed data acquisition.

The scope comes with PicoScope 6, the latest release of Pico Technology's oscilloscope software. New features include a waveform buffer hat automatically records the last 32 waveforms and a "probe manager" that supports custom probes, like current clamps, and allows users to define their own probes, even those requiring nonlinear corrections. The software can also create displays of automated measurements that range from a simple multimeter-style voltage readout to advanced statistical and monitoring functions. The scope comes with a carrying case and includes switchable probes, a power supply, software, and documentation. Drivers and examples are supplied for popular programming languages and third-party applications such as LabVIEW, VEE, and Excel.

The PicoScope 5204 is available now.PRICING
The PicoScope 5204 costs $3299. The PicoScope 5203, with a 32 Msample buffer, costs $2199.FOR MORE INFORMATION
Visit www.picotech.com.


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