Kontron's Triton Panel Mount Computer Is Roughing It At Embedded World

Feb. 9, 2007
The Triton PM workstation is speciaized for rough environments. With versatile, reliable full-sunlight viewable displays and sealed enclosures, it's ideal for the oil and gas industry.

Kontron's Triton Panel Mount (Triton PM) workstation features technological and safety advancements designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. The panel PC provides increased processing power, strong safe area protection enhancements and rugged features that stand up against extreme environments. In addition, it offers the flexibility to function in enclosures or consoles with some of the highest safety certifications.

Featuring Intel Pentium M processor technology and a 15-in. full-sunlight viewable display, the Triton PM is touted as a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for the oil and gas services industry. The Triton PM offers:

  • Intel Pentium M 1.6-GHz processor, enhancing computing power and functionality;
  • NEMA 4 protection to guard against solid foreign objects such as falling dirt, windblown dust, water and ice;
  • the ability to operate in temperatures of 0°C to 50°C and withstand extreme vibration;
  • high-quality glass-on-glass resistive technology for greater touch accuracy, improved optics and maximum longevity;
  • and a rugged aluminum enclosure.

The Triton PM's versatility also enables it to be "built-in", allowing system integrators to place it in a certified C1D2/Zone 2 enclosure or console for maximized protection in extreme environments.

The Triton product line is ideally suited for offshore and land-based oil and gas well logging, rig floor instrumentation, and mud logging applications. With a modular design, it offers reliability and quick field service capabilities. Production quantities of the Triton PM are available now. For more information, visit emea.kontron.com.

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