Intelligent Modems Okayed For Verizon EV-DO Rev. A Network

June 4, 2007
The first members of Sierra Wireless’ Airlink X Platform, the Raven X and PinPoint X intelligent modems, are qualified for use on the Verizon Wireless Evolution-Data Optimized Revision A network.

The first two products of the Sierra Wireless Airlink X Platform—the Raven X and PinPoint X intelligent modems—have been certified and are commercially available for use on the Verizon Wireless Evolution-Data Optimized Revision A (EV-DO Rev. A) network. Always on and always aware, the modems increase system processing power and expand the memory within an enhanced and scalable architecture optimized for current and future 3G wireless networks. They are powered by ALEOS technology, which provides reliable and feature-rich embedded intelligence.

The Raven X is a robust communications and networking device designed to deliver reliable connectivity for broadband wireless data and mission-critical applications. To expand its functionality and simplify deployments, the Raven X is equipped with both Ethernet and serial interfaces. This modem is well-suited for commercial wireless networking, e-commerce, and business continuity applications. Intrinsic safety for use in hazardous environments and compatibility with numerous machine communications protocols make the Raven X equally suited for remote industrial solutions, including utilities, automation, and infrastructure.

The PinPoint X is a compact, fully-featured mobile communications platform with multiple peripheral connections, including serial, Ethernet, and USB. Expanded I/O functionality in a separate connector includes four digital inputs, four analog inputs, and two relay outputs. This modem complies with military standards for vibration, shock, drop, high and low temperature, and humidity. Its high-precision 16-channel GPS receiver makes PinPoint X an excellent choice for a broad set of mobile enterprise, public safety, fleet management, and AVL solutions.

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