Instrument Taps DSP Technology To Perform Accurate Audio Tests

Oct. 1, 1998

Two independent channels and a mix of advanced analog and DSP technologies that help provide rapid, accurate operation are among the key features touted by VP-7725A audio analyzer. Well-suited for use by both professional and consumer audio equipment designers and testers, the microprocessor-based instrument can measure: ac signal levels spanning seven ranges of from 0.316 mV to 100V (full scale); dc signal levels in three ranges of 316.2 mV to 31.62V (full scale); distortion as low as 0.0001% (-120 dB) with up to the 5th harmonic displayed on the analyzer's LCD; signal-to-noise ratios of 130 dB; and frequency measurements from 5 Hz to 330 kHz.The audio analyzer can make a typical ac level measurement in just 50 ms, with a typical THD+N measurement made in only 100 ms, enabling the instrument to fit into high-speed automatic measurement set-ups. And each of the analyzer's two channels features separate balanced and unbalanced inputs, helping to permit connection to professional as well as consumer audio equipment. And the unit's large LCD screen can display data both as figures and bar graphs.

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