Built-In Controller Makes EL Display Easy To Interface

Jan. 1, 2000

Ease of interfacing to equipment or systems and excellent reliability and viewing characteristics are among the claims made for an electroluminescent (EL) display recently developed for the industrial and medical industries. Called EL240.128.45, the newest member of the Small Graphics Display (SGD) family derives its easy-to-interface design from a built-in standard LCD controller, while the EL display’s high contrast and image quality are owed to, among other things, the use of the firm’s patented Integral Contrast Enhancement (ICE) technology.The EL display also has a broad, -20°C to 70°C operating temperature range, a typical brightness at maximum frame rate of 130 cd/m2, a pixel pitch of 0.45 mm, and a viewing angle of greater than 160° in all directions. And the unit’s rugged design makes it a candidate for use in both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as in portable products.


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