Tools Create Dynamic Graphical Control Interfaces

June 1, 2000

Designed to help create and build dynamic graphical interfaces for managing network and telecomm systems and controlling industrial processes and traffic and aerospace systems, the SL-GMS suite of real-time unified tools combines personalized consulting services with a variety of technologies that allow VARs and OEMs to create one development project for deployment in a variety of programming environments. Selected packages utilize a single dynamic graphical editor that allows developers to assign graphical dynamic behaviors and to associate an application behavior with a specific icon. Any project created by the graphical editor can be applied to Java, ActiveX and C++ environments. The suite consists of: the AX/Developer tool for applications requiring dynamic graphics in an ActiveX and C++ environment; C++/Developer for a range of graphics displays and user interfaces using C++; J/Developer for prototyping and deploying Internet-based Java apps; Custom Editor for creating custom editors; and J/Net, C++/Map and C++/Net extensions to C++/Developer and J/Developer.

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