Touch Panels Boast Of Easy Mounting Ability

Nov. 1, 2000

Available in 6", 8" and 10" sizes, six new EZTouch operator panels feature eight mounting studs for easy mounting. Five of the panels come with 512K of battery-backed RAM, which can be upgraded to 1 MB with removable flash cards. The panels also feature a 1/4" O-ring gasket, which is said to provide a superior panel seal.
EZTouch panels connect serially to many brands of PLCs, including Allen-Bradley, GE Fanuc and PLCs. The color panels can display 128 colors, while monochrome units display 16 shades of gray. All of the panels have a built-in clock and calendar, screen password protection, and sixteen levels of undo and redo.
An optional Ethernet card can be installed in five of the EZTouch panels for programming from any location on the network. With this feature, touch panels can be connected to fit any size system, while offering extremely fast data throughput, the company says. The EZTouch panels are priced from $399 to $1,699. Configuration software is priced at $109.

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