Handheld Instruments Address Optical Testing Needs

March 1, 2001

An optical power meter and laser and LED sources comprise the new 500 Series of handheld optical instruments. The Model 510 optical power meter offers a choice of three different detectors: 3-mm diameter germanium for 750 to 1,500 nm (510g); 2-mm InGaAs for 850 to 1,650 nm (510i); and 3.5-mm silicon for 400 to 1,100 nm (510s). Optical input power range is +3 to -60 dBm, while readout on the graphic display is presented in two modes, dB and dBm, with a relative store feature. Interchangeable click-on/click-off fiber-optic adapters—FC, ST, SC and 2.5-mm universal—are available.
The Model 520 laser light source comes in either single- or dual-source versions, at wavelengths of 650, 780, 1,310, 1,550 and 1,625 nm. All features, including modulation frequencies of 270, 1,000, and 2,000 Hz (and external up to 1 MHz on single-source units), are accessed via the unit's three keys. Standard power level is -10 dBm, but higher power and custom units are available. The Model 530 LED single- or dual-wavelength light source operates at 850 and 1,300 nm. Power ranges from -10 to -20 dBm, depending on the fiber type to be tested and the LED source. Like the 520, three front keys provide all functions. The instruments can be powered by either an internal 9V battery or optional AC adapter and are housed in a small, 3" x 5" x 1" rugged thermoplastic housing cradled within a rubber holster.

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