AS1110 LED Driver

March 5, 2007
QUICK TAKE:The AS1110 LED driver is a 16-channel, constant-current driver that integrates error diagnostic modes for detecting open and shorted LEDs (see

The AS1110 LED driver is a 16-channel, constant-current driver that integrates error diagnostic modes for detecting open and shorted LEDs (see figure). AUSTRIAMICROSYSTEMS USA INC., Raleigh, NC. (919) 676-5292.

The device employs the serial data input/output lines for error information read back, eliminating the need for PCB tracks for diagnostics. Its 16 regulated ports provide constant current within a wide range of forward voltage variations, and the output ports can endure a maximum voltage of 15V. Via an external resistor, current levels are adjustable from 0.5 mA to 100 mA. Accuracy is ±3% between channels. The driver can be used in multiplexed mode to drive up to 64 independent LED nodes while maintaining full functionality of the error detection modes. Other features include an operating temperature range from -40˚C to +85°C and a 30MHz serial interface that ensures high refreshing rates even for huge LED display modules. The AS1110 is available in a 24-pin SSOP-150 and a 28-pin QFN package.

Claimed as easy and intuitive to use, the LED error detection of the AS1110 can be invoked during normal operation without switching into a separate detection mode. This makes the software interface even more user-friendly while detection can be done extremely fast. The device can detect any open- or short-circuit as well as an over-temperature occurrence. For immediate detection of those errors, a global error flag is available at serial data output, detecting any of those errors quickly and precisely. Furthermore, a detailed error report can be produced with the exact position of the broken LED.

In order to avoid the typical flickering of LED displays during error detection, the company has introduced the Low-Current Diagnostic mode. In this mode, a small test current of only 0.6 mA is applied to the display for a very short time. As a result, LED testing is not visible and can therefore be applied during normal operation.

The AS1110 is priced at $ 1.59 each/1,000. Samples are currently available and volume production is scheduled for March 2007.

More product specific information can be downloaded from the austriamicrosystems website at

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