1. Dlodlo VR Glasses weigh only 4 oz. (120 g) and use Bluetooth to connect to a host device. Image courtesy of Dlodlo.

Lightweight Virtual Reality Glasses Use Bluetooth

June 9, 2015
Dlodlo plans to deliver a low-cost, lightweight pair of virtual reality glasses that utilizes Bluetooth connectivity.

Virtual reality (VR) glasses such as Oculus Rift (see “Consumer Electronics Take User Interfaces Beyond Your Fingertips” on electronicdesign.com) are pushing high-definition resolutions, but they have been large and bulky.  Dlodlo looks to make VR glasses more stylish with the Dlodlo VR Glasses (Fig. 1) that weigh in at only 4 oz. (120 g). This is significantly lighter than the competition.

Even so, the performance specifications are still impressive. It has 2K+ HD resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio and supports 4K input. The 120 Hz refresh rate provides a solid image while the 110-deg. field of view (FOV) delivers an immersive, no-border VR experience.

The glasses have a Bluetooth 4 with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) support. They can handle hosts up to 10 m away. The 2000 mAh battery delivers about three to four hours of continuous use. There is a Micro USB 2.0 OTG interface and stereo headphone connection. A built-in microphone will come in handy for VR conferences or multiplayer gaming.

The glasses are priced at $699.

The availability of a low-cost, high-resolution VR platform could have a major impact for VR applications from gaming to architectural virtual walkthroughs. The wireless connection can work with a range of devices from Android smartphones to PCs. 

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