Brewing Beer the Industry 4.0 Way

Jan. 17, 2023
Digitalization, cloud, and edge technologies, AI, and the industrial IoT are influencing operational technology in processing at a rapidly growing pace.

Digitalization, cloud, and edge technologies, in addition to artificial intelligence (AI) and the industrial IoT (IIoT) are influencing operational technology in processing at a rapidly accelerating pace. Weidmüller's u-OS automation operating system, based on open, established standards, enables the integration of apps,  supporting automation engineers with user-friendly engineering to assemble customized and web-based systems.

The modular u-control M3000, automation solutions can be integrated into the IoT. The powerful controller also works as an edge device for providing local information in the network and can be expanded by connecting function modulesideal for automation and IIoT applications. Their u-control M4000 also offers two CPU cores, two Ethernet interfaces, and more RAM, NVRAM, and flash memory for complex edge computing in automation.

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