5A voltage regulator implements dual supply configuration

Dec. 11, 2005
Micrel introduces ultra high bandwidth, low drop-out voltage regulator for industrial, telecom and consumer applications.

Micrel has launched the MIC49500 which it describes as an ultra high-bandwidth, low drop-out (LDO), 5A voltage regulator. The IC is a higher current version of Micrel’s MIC49150 (1.5A) and MIC49300 (3A) devices. The family is designed to power core voltages of low-voltage microprocessors, such as: ASIC Core voltage regulators, PLD/FPGA core power supplies, linear point-of-load conversion, high-speed post-regulators, network and telecoms applications. The MIC49300 is available in volume quantities. Pricing starts at US$3.90 for 1K.

The MIC49500 is an 5A voltage regulator that provides a dual supply configuration enabling low output impedance and fast transient response. It needs a bias input supply and a main input supply, allowing for ultra-low input voltages on the main supply rail. The MIC49500 can regulate to an output voltage as low as 0.7V, useful in low-voltage to low-voltage conversion.

It needs a minimum of output capacitance for stability, then the IC will work with any type of capacitor, including small ceramic ones. The MIC49500 is available in fixed and adjustable voltage options. The MIC49500 comes in 7-pin S-Pak and TO-263 package option and is rated for the operating range of -40°C to 125°C junction temperature.

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