Electronic Design's 2021 PowerBest Awards

Jan. 5, 2022
This year's PowerBest selections recognize electronic power products that help engineers create winning designs and celebrate the people who helped make them possible, despite (another) incredibly challenging year.

This gallery is part of the Power Management Series: This Week in PowerBites

I'd like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all the engineers, technicians, marketeers, and the other members of the global electronics community for making 2021 "a truly powerful year" in the face of so many challenges. Despite the lockdowns, supply-chain nightmares, and disruptions in your own lives, you continued to deliver a steady stream of innovative products and technologies that we'll need to create a bright, prosperous, and sustainable future.

It's been a privilege to chronicle your creations here at PowerBites, but it's been a daunting task to choose a small handful of them for special acknowledgement. It was difficult enough to select these "PowerBest" winners, but it was impossible to rank them in any meaningful way, so the order in which they’re presented is no indicator of relative merit.

With gratitude for all you've done, and best wishes for a better 2022!

Lee Goldberg, Contributing Editor, Electronic Design

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