Portable Sync Network Analyser Continuously Calibrates Via GPS

Nov. 15, 2010

Rochester, N.Y., USA: A new sync tester/analyser developed for next-generation communication networks supports both traditional SDH/SONET core networks and IP-based backhaul networks. But unlike synchronization testers that are dedicated to do tests in one type of network, Spectracom’s Pendulum STA-61 can multitask. The Pendulum STA-61 is designed to be portable—a a handle and small dimensions make it fit as carry-on luggage on aircrafts.

The STA-61 self-calibrates between measurements to eliminate calibration downtime using an optional, integrated GPS-receiver. That allows for continuous calibration/adjustment of the integrated reference atomic clock. An optional battery backup ensures calibration stability.

The analyser makes it possible to measure synchronization quality (wander) on several access points in a station—it can measure up to six different test points simultaneously. Intuitive menus and a colour LCD touchscreen show TIE, TDEV, or MTIE results in real-time during measurement.

“We’ve seen a big need in the market for a portable field sync tester/analyser able to verify the quality of synchronization clocks both in traditional SDH/SONET networks, as well as in emerging synchronized IP-based backhaul networks for mobile communication,” says Staffan Johansson, strategic product manager at Spectracom.

The STA-61 is expected to be available in March 2011.


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