Tiny Sensors Simplify Full Body Motion Capture

Dec. 5, 2023
MetaSense leverages an array of tiny wireless sensors to track a person’s movements.

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Motion capture is very useful for a range of applications, from medical therapies to creating a movie based on computer-generated characters. In the past, this task was difficult to implement and utilize. MetaSense GoMotion employs compact wireless sensors that incorporate a gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer (see figure). Allan Johnson, MetaSense’s CEO, talks about how the system works (see video above).

The MetaSensors have a 15-hour battery life. The high-bandwidth, low-latency (10 ms), low-power radio sends information to the MetaSense Hub that captures the data and sends it to a PC or mobile device via Wi-Fi.  A software development kit (SDK) is available as well, allowing developers to utilize the data in real-time.

The end product is available with a dozen sensors and a single hub. Neoprene velcro straps are provided, but the sensors are so small they can be mounted or placed just about anywhere. The MetaSense Pro software is designed to handle human forms based on standard placement of the sensors around the body.

The sample rate is 1000 Hz, while the update rate is 100 Hz. Range is limited to 10 feet for indoor operation and 20 feet for outdoor operation. 

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